gira{ph} grows taller: please welcome lisa

It’s been quite an adventure the last two years for gira{ph}.  Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to work in an industry full of amazing people who truly make a difference in the lives of consumers.   Along this incredible journey, I’ve had the great fortune to meet many extraordinary people with unique perspectives and so much to teach the world of credit unions.  One of which is Lisa Moore, Marketing Manager of Pioneer West Virginia FCU.

I met Lisa two years ago, just as I was leaving my job at Call.  She was looking for help with marketing and branding.  Perhaps it was serendipity, fate or a higher power, but she  became my first official client when I went on my own.  We had instant chemistry and over the last two years, I’ve witnessed Lisa’s thumbprint on an incredible transformation of her credit union from the inside out. It’s a story every credit union marketer should hear.

I am excited beyond words to announce that Lisa will be joining gira{ph} to share her experience and help credit unions grow and prosper. Lisa brings with her a unique perspective, hundreds of side-splitting stories and unending passion to lead credit unions into a new era.

Here’s why I’m excited to have Lisa on my team:

Lisa gets {results} She went through a rebranding last year that helped grow her credit union to be #6 in the country for Loan Growth and #15 in Visa Credit Card Growth (according to the nice folks at Callahan), not to mention record net income levels and new membership growth numbers in one of the most difficult economic times in our history. Armfuls of awards can’t match the sheer magnitude of how much Lisa’s leadership has helped turn her credit union around.

Lisa is an {idea machine} Just pose a question and for your own safety, stand out of the way.  Lisa is truly one of the most creative, clever and witty people I’ve ever met.

Lisa is an {entrepreneur}  I believe this gift started at the ripe age of 8 when she started a business selling miracle water (aka dirty water from a mud puddle) door to door.  Ever since, she’s used that kind of creative thinking to create marketing magic. Give her a small budget and she still makes miracles. Luckily credit unions have more merit than dirty water.

Lisa has a {unique perspective}  She started in credit unions at the age of 15 as a teller and has experience in lending, operations, member service and finally marketing.  She even has experience in janitorial services – although that was short-lived, since she almost blew up the building.  She was young, and it’s a long story.  Don’t hold it against her.

Lisa is a {story teller}  Her secret ambition is stand up comedy, and I honestly think she missed her calling.  She just needs a stage. Though I’m pretty sure most of her stories are enhanced for dramatic effect, they are always entertaining.

Lisa is a {gifted writer} Lisa has a unique blend of wit, warmth and wisdom in her writing style. I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots of Lisa’s stories soon on this blog. Stay tuned.

Lisa is {passionate} Topping her list is credit union marketing, college football and deep fried pickles.  When Lisa commits to doing something – it’s a homerun.

You can read more about Lisa’s story here and here.

Join me in welcoming Lisa on a new adventure to help credit unions create chemistry with consumers and stand taller to seize this unique moment in history. 


About giraphcu

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to gira{ph}, a strategic marketing firm that helps credit unions amplify their greatness to create chemistry with consumers. The credit union movement has given so much to us. This is our way of giving back. Enjoy!
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8 Responses to gira{ph} grows taller: please welcome lisa

  1. Amalia Melis says:

    YEAH, YEAH, YEAH for gira{ph}’s growth!!! Sooooo exciting! Can’t wait to meet you Lisa! 🙂

  2. Ann Greenwood says:

    Congratulations Kelley…. you just increased your business by 100%!

  3. Jim Hall says:

    Congrtulations Kelley!! Sounds like Lisa will make a great team member to Gira {ph}! Up and forward!!

  4. Welcome on board Lisa! We cannot wait to meet you and utilize your creative mind. Great write up!

  5. Ann Craffey says:

    Lisa will become a very valuable addition to your company. She is quite the girl and Pioneer’s loss will certainly be your gain. Congratulations and Good Luck to each of you.

  6. Matt Davis says:

    This is awesome! Welcome, Lisa! A friend of Kelley’s is a friend of mine. Can’t wait to see what you two create together.

  7. Welcome Lisa! While I was in Richmond a couple of months ago, I had dinner with Kelley and she was so excited that you were coming to work with her! Good luck!

  8. Eric Dillon says:

    Congratulations to both of you. Continued success to my Giraph buddies…..

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