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Small Leaps of Innovation

When I graduated from Filene’s i3 program in September, I remember being a little sad it was over. My tenure in that program created some of the greatest friendships I’ve experienced in my career.  There’s just something about innovating a … Continue reading

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True CU Pioneers

Nine months ago I sat in a small credit union office in the alluring mountains of West Virginia inspired by 3 young, brave souls. They had a vision to revolutionize their credit union so it could live up to its … Continue reading

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Get Tacky and Stick

One of my most cherished holiday traditions is to travel around and gawk at tacky lights.  There’s something about thousands of flickering lights haphazardly scattered over a quiet suburban yard combined with a cocktail of inflatable santas, plastic reindeer, sprinkled with … Continue reading

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Deserving of Great Loyalty {Video}

“The credit union movement. It is a great movement, worthy of great deeds, deserving of great loyalty” – Ed Filene Last week’s CU WaterCooler Symposium in Indiana was proof that while the credit union system is experiencing epic challenges, the … Continue reading

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Commercial Break (Yes, another Video)

And we pause also for this commercial {break}. (Thank you James Robert Lay!)

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Halt Please (Video)

Just say no to {design} by committee. This public service announcement has been brought to you on behalf of all marketing and creative professionals.

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WTH Wednesday

WTH.  That pretty much sums up last weekend’s news. From The Wall Street Journal to The Huffington Post,  the gross misperceptions of a credit union “bailout” are nauseating. To make matters worse, it’s clear when you read through the comments … Continue reading

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