Friends with Benefits: Five BFFs every credit union marketer should have

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It’s a mad, mad world for credit union marketers.  We are expected to increase footprints in the door, boost loan volume, raise membership, pat backs, kiss babies and cheerlead the staff to new heights. As the song goes, every marketer could “have a little help from my friends”.
Here are five people within the credit union to befriend:

1.  Tammy {the talkative teller} 
Every credit union has one teller that members wait patiently for, even when there’s a line.  This same teller can sell ice to Eskimos, knows every member name and account number and often get suspicious packages and love notes from would-be strangers. She knows wedding dates, birthdays and ogles over the trials, tribulations, and life events of each member she serves. In truth, she knows the members more than anyone in the credit union. She is the closest to understanding the members on a deeper level than any matrix of demographics ever will. Take the talkative teller to lunch to pick her mind.  Be prepared to do most of the listening and soak in every story.  It will give you just the emotional hook you need to connect with your members in new ways.

2.  Barry {the bookish bean counter}
Every CFO is a marketer’s arch nemesis at times. There is much to learn from Barry if you can get passed his excel spreadsheets. Barry has his pulse on the credit union’s current financial position, what products are ripe to promote, and how the economy can play into your success.  Take Barry out for coffee, but forgive him if he starts counting the beans they use to make it.

3.  Carl {the cautious collector}
A collector is a challenging occupation.  While we have the ability to create and bring positive trends to the credit union, Carl is constantly on the phone keeping the credit union safe. Sitting with Carl for a day will help you appreciate your job and think about how to target more effectively to keep the safety of the credit union in mind. Take Carl for a relaxing drink and talk about his role in your credit union. Trust me – he deserves it.

4.  Linda {the lucrative lender}
There always is a showstopper in lending – the loan officer who always has the highest volume and has the most requests for loan appointments.  Linda may be new or your most veteran employee.  She can walk you through the lending processes and wow you with her relationships with members.  While you get members in the door, Linda is the one who can fulfill the promises you have laid before your members.  Does it really take 10 minutes to close a loan? Is the process really convenient and easy? Linda is the one person who can tell you how the process can improve your marketing prowess. Linda is your key to what members are saying about your loans…whether it be rates, products or needs.  Share a soda with Linda in the lunchroom but be prepared with a tissue when she tells you about the lives she’s improved.

5.  Helen {the helpful human resource manager}
This probably shocks as a BFF for a marketer, but she is essential.  In order for any marketing to be successful, support from the team is critical.  There is nobody better than Helen to teach you about the people that work across the hall from you.  She has a grip on culture, morale and the team in general.  Helen has the insight you need to prepare for staff meeting before rolling out a new product, promotion or initiative.  Give Helen a nice pen to write with because she will have many notes for you.

For those shocked I didn’t mention the CEO…he doesn’t need to be a BFF – make him a fan of your work instead.  Start by befriending the ones mentioned above. Who knows – you may gain some insight, knowledge to do your job better, and some uber cool friends along the way.

by: Lisa Moore, Story {Teller}, gira{ph}


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