7.2 Billion and My Other Favorite Numbers

Dream a little dream here with me for a moment. Imagine if you worked for a financial institution that had more ATMs than the world’s largest bank, rated #1 in service for 19 years running and consistently offered 30-40% better rates than the competition. Oh wait. That’s not a dream.

As a marketer I’ve never been a big numbers person, but here are a few more of my favorites:

{10,000} The number of ATMs credit unions have over the world’s largest bank.

{34%} How much higher CU savings accounts are over banks.

{4000} The number of nationwide shared branching locations

{$7,200,000,000} The amount of money saved by members last year by simply using credit unions.

{$1,000} What the average person can expect to save on a 60 month auto loan by financing through a credit union.

{12.3%} Increase in business lending credit unions made in 2008 when many other financial institutions stopped lending to small businesses.

{90,000,000} The number of lovable members in the US and counting.

Sources: I pinky swear I didn’t make it up.  The numbers come from great reliable resources I’d be happy to pull if you insist.

About giraphcu

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to gira{ph}, a strategic marketing firm that helps credit unions amplify their greatness to create chemistry with consumers. The credit union movement has given so much to us. This is our way of giving back. Enjoy!
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7 Responses to 7.2 Billion and My Other Favorite Numbers

  1. Wow – what a great video plug for CUs everywhere!

  2. Amalia Melis says:

    I am so proud of you! This is AWESOME! The SMS is also very proud!!! xoxoxo

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  4. Sean McDonald says:

    Love it! Great insights and numbers to back them up.

  5. Brian McCue says:

    CU’s cooperate to compete, so impressive!

  6. Love the video! Definitely wish that the movement found a way to capitalize on all these numbers!

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