The comfort of quirks

I’m always a little sad when the holidays are over. There’s just something magical about them. I think it largely has to do with the sheer number of traditions, customs and quirky weirdness. When you stop and think about all the rituals from trees to tacky lights, comfort foods to countdowns, and resolutions to religion, the holidays get packed with an abundance of vested practices.

For our family, it’s also home of several of my favorite unconventional traditions. First, my mother fixes each person’s favorite foods on Christmas Eve. It’s an odd assortment of dishes that somehow, when assembled, works. No request is too strange. From stone crabs flown in from Florida to the simplicity of canned cherries, it’s a meal that is anything but typical.

Then, we load into the largest vehicles in the driveway and tour all of the tackiest lit houses in the city. There’s something enchanting about strands of lights haphazardly strung on houses and hundreds of inflatable larger-than-life holiday characters that makes the evening extra special.

While the meal of anomalies and a tacky light tour always top my list of favorite holiday memories, perhaps what I love most about it is that even in its quirky weirdness it is perpetually consistent.

The same is true at my credit union.

Though many of our members have direct deposit, I can count on the lobby to buzz at 7am on Fridays from members socializing after working 3rd shift at the Plant. By 3pm, the lobby sometimes smells like freshly cured tobacco from the hundreds of people that have passed through.

Every time we have reason to celebrate, one of our employees magically transforms our lunchroom into a page from Martha Stewart Living. And on paydays, one of our favorite members brings his little white dog in and yells, “Dog’s in the house”. Everyone stops what they are doing and barks right back.

{It’s quirky. It’s weird. But there is great comfort in its peculiar predictability}

So, what is comfortably quirky about your credit union?


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