Great Advice from a Mad Cat

My daughter’s new favorite movie is “Alice in Wonderland”.  I’ll admit it’s one of the few movies I’ll watch over and over without complaining. One of the best parts is when the Cheshire Cat teases Alice over what direction she should take. It’s a profound statement lost on a 5 year old, but the thought is brilliant:

{If you don’t know where you are going, why does it matter which road you take?}

It reminds me of how much vision is sometimes lacking in our daily decisions. We need deposits, wait….loans. I’m sorry, it’s checking accounts. But what about Gen Y members? No, I think we need “sticky” members, families, SEGs, a blog, a seminar series, etc. etc. etc. It’s so easy to get lost in the short term (“do this now”), get swept in the moment, and lose site of the overall vision of who you are and what you are doing. Trying to keep up with what everyone says you “should” be doing is about as dizzying as a spinning teacup.

Perhaps a better strategy is simply to pause and ask: How does the decision we are making today get us to our final destination – to make the lives of our members better?

Know where you are going before you take off down the road.
(And don’t forget to celebrate your UNbirthday.)


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